Product information

Water samples at temperatures exceeding 25 °C must be cooled prior to collection to maintain a representative sample, prevent the loss of sample volatiles and assure the safety of collection personnel. More accurate water test results are achieved using a Sample Cooler as the cooling equipment rather than allowing the sample to cool on its own and thus, causing steam flashing

The use of sample coolers help you to maintain compliance with Health and Safety regulations at work

Please order Valve Assembly Kit 762540 along with your sample cooler.


  • Type SCC2 - removable copper coil with brass compression fittings
  • Sample Coolers meet the design and construction requirements of BS5500
  • Boiler Water sample available for immediate analysis


  • Better and more accurate test results
  • Improved safety and better protection for personnel doing water analysis
  • Sample Coolers can also be used for other sampling and cooling applications where the materials of construction are suitable and compatible