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A wall mounted cabinet of rugged design. The cabinet contain all the core tests for fuel oil and lubricating oil. The equipment is easy to use for the engine room crew.

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A new design, microprocessor controlled, easy to use, fast and accurate electronic instrument to determine the viscosity of lube oil at ambient temperature but corrected to 40°C, or heated to the standard temperature of 40°C, and for viscosity measurement of Intermediate Fuels heated to 50°C. Estimation of the combustion performance, Calculated Carbon Aromaticity Index (CCAI). Reports directly in cSt, repeat reading in one minute.


  • 20 - 810 cSt @ 50°C (ISO Fuel Grades RMA 10 RML 55)
  • 20 - 810 cSt @ 40°C (lube oils SAE 5 through SAE 50)

Density Meter
An easy to use, fast instrument to determine the density of a fuel. 850-1010 kg/m3 @ 15°C. Calculates the CCAI.

Compatibility Test
Compatibility and stability determination. Prediction of a fuel's sludging tendencies.

Water in Oil Test
To determine the water content 0-1%, 0-10% or 1-10000 ppm in lube and fuel oil.

TBN Test
For accurate testing of TBN (Total Base Number) in the range of 0-60.

Insolubles Test
Comprehensive Training Manual included


  • Viscometer
  • Density Meter
  • Compatibility Test
  • Water in Oil Test
  • TBN Test
  • Insolubles Test


  • All equipment is contained in a robust, metal case that is fully lockable for safe and secure sample storage.
  • Certified by Germanischer Lloyd, providing everything you need to ensure that your fuel samples are compliant with IMO MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI regulations.
  • Replacement consumables and a full range of bunker samples are easily available through our network.