Product information


  • Highly effective de-scaler
  • Highly concentrated product


  • Removes rust and carbonates
  • Economical in use
  • Reduces labour cost



Unitor™ Scaleclean DL™ is HOCNF approved.



Directions for use

Scale removing depends on contact with the scaled surface and contact time. If possible, circulate the Unitor™ Scaleclean DL™ solution over the areas containing scale. Alternatively, the area to be treated is completly covered by Unitor™ Scaleclean DL™ solution and let to soak for as long as necessary. Components can also be immersed in Unitor™ Scaleclean DL™ and left for soaking.

If the equipment to be cleaned is contaminated by oil, grease or sludge then a pre-cleaning with Unitor™ Cleanphase CB™ is necessary.

Dosage: 1:2 - 1:15 Depending on the amount of scale

After treatment it is essential to thoroughly rinse with water until the pH is neutral. For measuring the pH value we recommend Nalfleet™ pH paper.

Note: Unitor™ Scaleclean DL™ should not be used on aluminium, zinc, tin or any galvanized for which a special grade de-scaler should be used.

Unitor™ has developed a 210 litres capacity cleaning unit designed among other for use with chemical acid solutions for cleaning boilers, heat exchangers and other types of equipment where rust and scale form.

Unitor™ Chemical Cleaning Unit: Product no. 664 737189.