Product information

This UV400 mini torch operates at the 400nm wavelength which is ideal for fluorescent detection.


  • Wavelength range: 397- 407 nm
  • UV light output: Max 400mW @700 mA
  • Visible light: <8 Lux
  • Beam characteristic: 60mm diameter spot at 38 cm (15") distance
  • Each torch is supplied with 3 x AAA alkaline batteries and 1 x Extra-Glo UV-Stop safety glasses.
  • Battery running time: Approx. 3 hours


  • Wear the safety glasses supplied together with torch when using UV torch
  • Never look directly into UV torch
  • Keep light turned on only as long as is necessary


  • UV output of up to 25,000 μW/cm² at a distance of 38 cm
  • Full power is reached immediately at switch on
  • Convenient size that fits into a pocket, comes with wrist loop
  • On-off switch located at the base of the handle.
  • Single chip high powered LED