Product information

Unitor™ EASYCLEAN™ HAND BARRIER CREAM DRY protects the skin from dust, grease, solvent based adhesives, lacquers, varnish, rubber, diesel oils, dyes, stains, lubrication compounds, polishes, paints, bitumens etc.

Also when handling dry cargo the Unitor™ EASYCLEAN™ HAND BARRIER CREAM DRY will protect the skin from drying out.


  • Easy to apply water-based cream
  • Low dosage, 1 - 2 mls per treatment


  • Gives protection against solvent and oil based contaminants
  • Facilitates soil removal from skin
  • Helps prevent ingress of contaminants and sensitisers into the skin
  • Prevents skin dehydration and defatting


Directions for use

  1. Clean hands properly with EASYCLEAN™ LIQUID HAND SOAP (D)
  2. Apply 1 - 2 mls of EASYCLEAN™ HAND BARRIER CREAM DRY and massage well into the skin, especially around nails and cuticles before working with oil, grease or non water based products
  3. If hands are washed, re-apply before continuing to work