Product information

This product supersedes product no: 757395

Unitor™ Slip Coat Plus™ is specially formulated to fill the minute pores in paintwork and leave a dense temporary water resistant film on cargo hold surfaces.

When cured the protective film will act as a barrier between the cargo and cargo hold surfaces thus preventing cargo deposits from stubbornly adhering to the surfaces. The nature of the film makes it ideal for cargoes loaded in damp or wet conditions as well as preventing cargo from sticking to the surface caused by moisture build-up during the voyage. Unitor™ Slip Coat Plus™ can be used in cargo holds carrying foodstuff and is safe to the environment and to the personnel handling it. It is non-corrosive and safe on all coatings.


  • Water resistant cargo hold barrier / block
  • Ready to use - one single application
  • Completely safe on all coatings
  • Easily removable with an alkaline cleaner
  • Water based - free from hydrocarbon solvents
  • Composition based on FDA listed ingredients


  • Excellent adhesion to all surfaces
  • Ideal for use with humid and corrosive cargoes as sulphur, salt etc.
  • Prevents even the most difficult cargo to adhere to the coating
  • Saves cleaning time and cleaning chemicals
  • Provides temporary protection against corrosion



  • This composition meets the criteria for not being harmful to the marine environment according to MARPOL Annex V and may be discharged into the sea when used to clean cargo holds and external surfaces on ships.



Directions for use

To achieve optimal protection the cargo hold surfaces should be as clean and dry as possible before treatment with Unitor™ Slip Coat Plus™. NOTE! After cleaning with sea water, holds should always be flushed with fresh water before applying Unitor™ Slip Coat Plus™. The ready-to use concentration makes it ideal for application directly from the Chemical Applicator by use of the Unitor™ Panamax Cargo Hold Cleaning Kit™ and correct application nozzle.

Do not apply more than necessary, one single application is sufficient and will cover 10--20 m2/ltr depending on the condition of the cargo holds. Start applying Unitor™ Slip Coat Plus™ from top and downwards. Allow the film to dry completely before loading the cargo a process which takes 1-2 hours depending on air and surface temperature and humidity.

Note that larger amounts of Unitor™ Slip Coat Plus™ may end up at tank top when holds are sprayed. Ensure that only a thin layer is applied on the tank top. Avoid larger amount of Unitor™ Slip Coat Plus™ and remove excessive remaining for optimal result. For removal of excessive Unitor™ Slip Coat Plus™ on tank top it is recommended to use the Unitor™ VCAD 200 (682054). Flushing away excessive amounts of Unitor™ Slip Coat Plus™ with fresh water is also possible before drying.

After drying, Unitor™ Slip Coat Plus™ creates a dense, non-sticky film on the cargo hold surfaces. After cargo discharge, both the film and cargo residues are easily removed by the use of an alkaline cleaner like Unitor™ Aquatuff™ or Unitor™ Aquatuff High Foam™. A minimum 10 % solution in fresh water is recommended, leave for 15-30 minutes, re-soak with Unitor™ Aquatuff High Foam™ to keep surface wet during soaking (avoid surface to dry), and finally flush with clean high pressure water. After flushing with water, let the surfaces dry and then repeat the treatment with applying Unitor™ Slip Coat Plus™ before the next cargo.

Note! The lowest surface temperature when applying Unitor™ Slip Coat Plus™ is +5 Celsius

Note! Maximum temperature for surfaces and cargo should not exceed +70 Celsius

Always follow paint manufacturer recommendations and always allow paint to cure before applying cargo or chemicals.