Product information

The quality of the gas is:
* Oxygen (O2) ≥ 99.5%
and impurities:
* carbon dioxide (CO2) ≤ 300 ppm
* carbon monoxide (CO) ≤ 5 ppm
* water (H2O) ≤ 60 ppm

For oxygen the following is valid:

  • 1 nm3 = 1.311 kg
  • 1 kg = 0.763 nm3
  • 1 bar = 14.5 psi
  • 1 nm3 = 35.3 ft3
  • 1 kg = 2.2 lbs

IMPORTANT: Due to legal restraints, it is impossible for WSS to deliver this product in the USA and in the EU.

The gas capacity of a cylinder can calculated in two different ways. The most simple method is the water capacity of the cylinder (in litres) multipled by the actual pressure (in bar); the result is the capacity in litres. Although a simple method it is not the most accurate method. A better but much more complex method will give a more accurate value for the gas capacity; it will take the compressability of the gas at both 1 bar and at the actual pressure in consideration and all based on 15 degrees C. The result is often quoted as normal litres or normal cubic metres (nm3). For oxygen the more accurate method will give a slightly higher value as compared to the simple method i.e. (8.6 m3 versus 8 nm3).


  • Breathing Oxygen cylinders are fitted with Yoke-type/PISS valves, which are familiar to the majority of users.
  • IMO requirements are for 1 cylinder 40 litre in combination with 2 pcs cylinder 2 litre which are both offered.
  • The filling pressure is lower in some locations than the normal 200 bar due to local rules and regulations that limit filling pressure.
  • Products are no longer sold in USA and Europe due to legal limitations.


  • For your safety, the product is delivered in a Unitor cylinder complete with barcode and unique cylinder serial number
  • We trace and track all cylinders using the UniTrak system to give you peace of mind
  • Products are no longer sold in USA and Europe due to legal limitations.