Product information

The outlet station model 700 for bulkhead mounting is designed to obtain the highest degree of safety together with ease of operation. The standard protective cabinet, which completely encloses the outlet equipment, is made of 1.5 mm steelplate. As standard supply, the outlet station is fitted with the completely enclosed SG-5 flashback arrestors and R-700+ regulators. For replacement, flashback arrestors model S-55 and regulators model R-530 are compatible. The outlet stations are delivered complete with installation instructions and directions for use and maintenance. A stretch-relief bracket for the welding hoses is included. A complete set consists of: - Steel Cabinet - Pre-welded Unions - Twin Valve Unit for Outlet Station - Regulator R-700+ OX - Regulator R-700+ AC - Flashback Arrestor SG-5 OX - Flashback Arrestor SG-5 AC - Stretch Relief Bracket - Union nut and hose tails


  • standard connections to distribution piping
  • quick acting ball valves
  • quality regulators and flash back arrestors
  • A cabinet protecting the outlet station against dirt and mechanical damage


  • a complete safe solution for an outlet station