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HPCE 520 INOX, 3 x 440V/60HZ

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Unitor™ Extreme 520 INOX™ high pressure cleaner – removes paint, rust and dirt fast and efficient with 500bar working pressure. Heavy duty unit constructed for the toughest cleaning and surface application tasks on board.

Product information

This product supersedes product no: 721035

Heavy duty stainless steel frame protects the unit and enables lifting. The unit is designed for 24 hours operations.

Cold water high pressure cleaner with 3 cyl. inline plunger pump
(Inox pump head, ceramic plungers) - flanged to electric motor motor/pump rpm 1720 1/min - slowly, quietly running machine. Pump system pressureless by closing spray pistol (stand by operation). Thermo valve protects pump from overheating and water shortage control protects pump from cavitation. Water micro filter protects pump from soiled water. Motor/pump unit protected by solid, surrounding stainless steel frame. Chassis with 4 wheels on twin axle, locking brake. Hose swivel prevents hp hose from messing up.

Supplied with

  • Electrical cable 5 meter

  • INOX lance 800 mm

  • Standard gun

  • 25 m Extreme HP hose

  • Inlet filter

  • Tool for opening filter cartridge

  • GEKA 3/4" on water inlet


  • Low RPM motor
  • Heavy duty steel frame -- protects the unit and enables lifting with a crane
  • Four wheels -- the units can be moved with ease and can be stored safely
  • Wheel brake -- ensures the unit stays in place during operations or storage
  • Built-in inlet filter -- protects the pump from damage
  • Well proven pump -- the pump design is based on years of experience and development
  • Full ceramic stainless steel pistons
  • Pump head in INOX
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Inlet water pressure gauge
  • Air bleed valve on feed water side
  • Feed water line coated for improved sea water handling (always flush with fresh water after use)


  • Removes dirt and rust fast and efficient
  • Long life time and reliable operation
  • Versatile -- the units can be used for paint and scale removal as well as day to day cleaning task
  • Efficient -- with the sandblasting nozzle the unit can prepare up to 10m2/h of surface for painting Surface quality of SA 2.5
  • Grit blasting combined with water removes all dust



Directions for use

First oil change after 50 operating hours, further oil changes after every 500 operating hours, minimum once per year. In case the oil becomes milky, stop the machine immediately and carry out oil change. If this happens repeatedly, arrange replacement of all pump seals by qualified personnel.

Use Hypoid Oil SAE 85/90, 78 cSt./10,3 ° E/50 °C with EP high pressure additives, e.g. TEXACO Geartex EP-B-85W/90

Insufficient water supply will cause heavy damage on high pressure pump (cavitation).

Use teflon tape on connection between hose and gun (cone). Too extend hose length with addittional hose product number 721936 nipple for for extension hose is needed. For water supply it is recommended to order the 50 mtr 3/4" hose 671727.