Product information

The solution is based on the Venturi principle, the pressurized supply fluid is converted by the nozzle into velocity energy. The material can be shovel fed into the unit if it is solidified. The emerging supply fluid is collected in the mixing chamber, mixed with the surrounding liquid or particles and than ejected as a fully mixed solution through the diffuser.

The pump is fully portable and has no moving parts, hence it is highly reliable and virtually maintainance free, making it an economical solution for liquid removal. The supply water is fed to the pump through two 2" hoses and a Y connection, the discharge liquid is pumped out via a 4" heavy-duty hose. The sturdy construction and the Venturi systems allows the pump to function in all positions and fully submerged. The pump can be placed up side down in the tank in order to reach even the smallest amounts of fluid in the bottom of the tank. The pump can also be used to move solid particles by the means of shovelling them into the pump, in addition there is an extension "vacuum pack" available. With the vacuum hose and nozzle connected the pump can move slurry, sludge and liquids from areas normally concidered inaccessible.


  • Supply liquid can include most pressurised fluids including water, crude oil, refined oil and certain chemicals
  • Operates on normal pressure of a vessel's fire, tank cleaning or cargo lines and does not require any additional equipment
  • Passes through a standard butterworth opening enabling access to all parts of the vessel
  • Built in pressure gauge enables easy ability control and monitor flow


  • Versatile pump with unlimited applications
  • Handles solids up to 1" in diameter -- great for removing scale and rust from cargo holds
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel parts are virtually maintenance free
  • Simple to operate with no moving parts and is lightweight
  • Fastest way of removing liquids