Through the eyes of a Ships Agency Marketing Intern

What's it like to be a marketing intern in Wilhelmsen's Ships Agency? Laura, Youyou and Megan share about their internship experiences, favorite projects and special moments during their internships in the Ships Agency Marketing Team.

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m the marketing intern here at Wilhelmsen Ships Service so Im in-charge of doing copy-writing, creation of sales decks and also content-creation for our website.

Hi, I’m Youyou and I’m a marketing intern at Wilhelmsen Ships Service and I mainly focus on graphic design and video production.

Hi, I’m Megan, marketing intern from Wilhelmsen Ships Agency. I do graphic design in Wilhelmsen and I help out with the visuals and graphics for any marketing collateral.


Why did you join Wilhelmsen? 

Laura: I first found out about Wilhelmsen through Maritime SG Connect’s networking session. It was there where I met our business coordinator, Jessica, and she shared all about her exciting business trips to Norway and Australia.

The maritime industry is something that seems very traditional, very boring but Jessica painted such a great picture of Wilhelmsen and what they’re doing here at the maritime industry. 

Megan: When I started uni a few months back, I was looking for a job to support myself while I was studying and I thought that I might want to experiment working in different industries before I graduate and start working as a full-time.

Youyou: Singapore is one of the busiest port in the world so I really wanted to learn more about the workings of this industry so when I saw Wilhelmsen’s posting on my school’s job portal, I was very intrigued and I immediately clicked “Apply”.


First impressions of the office?

Megan: My first impression when I first came in was really good. The environment was really nice with regards to the office, décor and the layout and the colleagues here are nice to me so it was really a conducive environment.

Laura: When I first entered the office, everyone was super serious and very focused on their work but what amazed me that no matter how serious and focused they were, they were always willing to help each other and answer any questions that anybody had.

Youyou: And I really really like our office. I think it’s really big, really spacious and I love the huge windows and I think the environment that you work in can be really important because it really affects your mood. It really affects your motivation to work.

Laura: I was first introduced to everybody and they were all so friendly and so willing to talk to me.


What is your day like as a Marketing Intern in Ships Agency? 

Laura: Most mornings, I come into office, check my e-mails for any updates on our projects. On some days, I’m involved in utilizing our marketing automation program to spread word about our different events happening in ports all around the world! On other days, I’m doing some brainstorming and researching for our different campaigns.I would say that my favourite project would be the creation of the Bill of Lading video and quiz in preparation for our Operations and Integrity Month.

Youyou: On some days, I will be more focused on graphic design and on some days I will be more focused on video production so every day is kind of different but I am really happy to have Danielle who is our marketing head as my supervisor because she is very understanding, very patient and very open to new ideas that I may have.My favourite project that I have done so far would definitely be the Agency by Air exhibition that was held at the Singapore Maritime Gallery last December. It was just so fulfilling to see my designs come to life. It was really challenging yet fun to work on the different collaterals needed and watch it come to life during the exhibition. 

Megan: Some of the tasks are actually quite difficult but I feel they really let me grow as a graphic designer. It may be hard at first but after awhile, I’m sure I will improve.

Laura: Life here is very, very dynamic so you’re not only involved in different events but you’re also involved in learning more about the maritime industry and what we’re concerned is to hear.


Most fun activity with your colleagues?

Megan: The most fun activity with my colleagues will be just talking and joking with them because they are really funny people.

Laura: It was when we all went out for team-bonding together at escape room. It was very funny seeing everybody placed in a different situation and seeing how we react towards scary adventures.

Youyou: The most fun activity that I‘ve ever had with my colleagues was actually boarding a dry bulk vessel during first month of my internship so every intern at Wilhelmsen will get a chance to go on board a vessel. I think it’s a fresh, new, once in a lifetime kind of experience.


What do you look forward to the most going to work every day? 

Laura: While the industry is extremely exciting and dynamic, it’s really the people here that make me feel like at home.

Youyou: I am really happy to have supportive, peace-loving and really hardworking fellow marketing interns to work with.

Megan: I look forward to finishing all my task because it’s really satisfying as a graphic designer to see your works being published or used. It’s just a sense of satisfaction.


Would you recommend people to join Wilhelmsen as an intern? 

Laura: Absolutely!

Megan: I would definitely recommend people to join Wilhelmsen for internships.

Youyou: If you think that the maritime industry is boring, this internship will definitely change your mind!

Laura: These six months have made me feel like I want to get up to go to work every single morning, to people here who have made me feel like I’m just at home.

Megan: If you make a mistake, they will tell you to learn from it instead of just scolding you and blaming you for the mistake which I think is really important when you go for an internship because you are there to learn.

Laura: The maritime industry may be a very different phase for me but ultimately, it is the people that matter to me the most.

Youyou: And I’m just really grateful for this internship and I would recommend it to anyone.

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