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Yangtze River ports and pilot service situation.
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Jiangyin city has been locked down from the 4th of May.
Taicang: usually there are 1-3 pilots working every day, ensure cape could 1 in and 1 out every day. Vessel usually needs to wait approximately 1-2 days due to port congestion.
Jiangyin: there is port congestion, usually needed waiting 5-7 days. Cape for discharging iron ore has priority for the pilot.
Nantong: vessel might need to wait 3-5 days at CJK currently, waiting 1-3 days for sailing. 3 or 4 vessels enter per day.
Changshu: 2-3 pilot is workable now. Vessel usually waits 1-2 days for entering, and 1-2 days when sailing. Mostly for discharging pulp, coal etc.
Zhenjiang: there are 2-3 vessels that could enter every day. The vessel usually needs to wait 3-5 days at CJK, and 1-2 days for sailing.
Nanjing: there are 2-3 vessels that could enter every day. Usually need to wait 6-9 days when entering, 2-3 days when sailing out.


For more information: WSS Jiangyin

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