COVID-19 Response for Cruise Ships

As the COVID-19 Global Pandemic continues to have unprecedented impact on the global Cruise industry with countries closing their borders to travel and port calls for cruise vessels, we, as Ships Agents, can help you and your crew navigate through this pandemic.

With the situation at hand, we understand that your ability to lay-up your vessels in a safe and efficient location in readiness for the reactivation of the market is a key success factor in weathering this period. Hence, we pledge to support you and your crew in the following ways: 

Providing info on Hot Lay-Up locations and availability

Several countries have closed their ports and territorial waters to cruise vessels, causing a limited number of options for hot lay-ups. We’ll provide you an overview of the shifting situation with critical information via our interactive, digital map which you can embed within your company’s intranet portal.

Virtual support for crew from the local community 

As a former seafarer, my thoughts go out to the crew onboard who may be feeling isolated as restrictions are put into place to encourage social distancing. The importance of crew health and welfare is something that must not to be forgotten during this period and we are establishing local partnerships for virtual religious and befriender services that are essential for your crew’s welfare and mental well-being.

Ethical business practices

Our assurance to you is our integrity in upholding ethical business practices – this means we will not condone any exploitation of the situation to inflate prices exorbitantly and/or reduce quality of service. This extends to our carefully curated supplier network to ensure we are aligned on this.

In a time like this, our company values have never been more important. With a special focus on stewardship and fair business practices, we will ensure that we are doing our bit for the industry by supporting you and your crew. We are your partner in port, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


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    Cash Delivery and Redelivery

    Assistance for larger volumes including coins and different denominations

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    We provide guidance to the vessel on entering the hot layup including reducing manning and sourcing services and suppliers

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    We coordinate the reactivating of your vessel to full operational status such as upmanning of crew, provisioning, bunkering, cleaning etc.

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    Partnerships with local cleaning companies

    To ensure a sanitary and safe experience for your crew, which also involves training of their staff for safe boarding of vessels

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    Vessel and Crew Care

    Services include Devanning and spare parts handling, Coordination of Freshwater/ Bunkers/ Consumables, Launch co-ordination, Cash-to-Master, Meet and greet, Crew change assistance, Crew medical assistance, Crew welfare coordination, Emergency handling and CIQ (Customs Immigration Quarantine) inspection and support

Crew Welfare: Protecting your crew's Mental and Physical Health

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    Providing your crew with the latest WHO Hygiene guidelines and information on health impact

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    Connecting your crew to local religious communities for those in need of support

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    Establishing links with web therapy volunteer services for crew, to ensure they always have somebody to talk to

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