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COVID-19 Response: Leading in a time of crisis

In a time like this, our company values have never been more important. With a special focus on stewardship and fair business practices, we will ensure that we are doing our bit for the industry by supporting you and your crew. This section consists of maps, tools and resources to aid you with your voyage planning through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 Global Port Restrictions Map

With the COVID-19 outbreak, ports are imposing various restrictions on vessels and crew. Click on each port or country in the map below to view port restrictions. Map will be updated up to 2 times per day. Last updated timestamp can be found in the map's legend info box. For more detailed info, please contact our local agents.

Creating safe crew corridors

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    Virtual Doctor Consultations

    Abiding by social distancing measures, virtual doctor consultation onboard vessels are conducted for the physical wellbeing of crew members

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    Drone Delivery of Food

    With crew unable to disembark in some circumstances, we brought them the comforts of their favorite meals by working together with ST Engineering and FoodPanda to deliver food to vessels at anchorage

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    “Not all heroes wear capes” tribute photo album and Crew welfare pack

    To encourage and show appreciation to crew and ship agents around the world who risk their lives to ensure port calls and crew changes go smoothly, we created a crew welfare pack and tribute photo album on our maps containing photos of agents and crews all over the world carrying out their port calls in a time of COVID-19.

Crew Welfare: Protecting Your Crew's Mental and Physical Health

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    Providing your crew with the latest WHO Hygiene guidelines and information on health impact

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    Connecting your crew to local religious communities for those in need of support

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    Establishing links with web therapy volunteer services for crew, to ensure they always have somebody to talk to

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