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Ask Marius Anything: Agency by Air

From benefits of the service to the future of shore-to-ship delivery, post your questions on our social media page and we’ll pick a few for Marius Johansen to answer in our next AMA (Ask Me Anything) video. If we pick your question, you'll be invited to our launch event to personally witness the drone's first official flight at Marina South Pier.

The contest is now closed, you may view the AMA video here.  


Click on any of the following links to post your questions on maritime drone deliveries. Tag your posts with #AgencyByAir to get more views of your post!







Here are some commonly asked questions regarding the contest:
Q: What is Agency by Air?
A: Agency by Air is an autonomous drone delivery service for parcels from shore to vessels which is being piloted by Wilhelmsen's Ships Agency and Airbus. More details are available here.

Q: Who is allowed to take part in this AMA (Ask Me Anything) contest?
A: Anyone can take part in the 'Ask Marius Anything: Agency by Air' contest as long as you post a question with a social media account that we can contact you on. 

Q: When does the contest end?
A: The contest ends on 25 October 2018, Thursday. We will select the questions posted on the social media links listed above on 25 October 2018, Thursday. You may still post questions in those links, but it will not be considered for the contest.

Q: Must I tag #AgencyByAir when posting my question?
A: You are encouraged to do so, to enable others to easily find your question. However, it is not compulsory to do so, to be qualified for the contest.

Q: What is the criteria for selecting the winning questions?
A: This will be based on a combination of several factors including: number of people who liked your question, responses from other users to your question, relevance of the question and if Marius finds your question particularly interesting!

Q: When will you contact the prize winners?
A: We will attempt to contact all winners by 29 October 2018, Monday.

Q: Am I able to give my prize (launch event invitation) to someone else instead if I am not able to attend the launch event?
A: Yes, you can give your invitation pass to someone else if you are unable to attend. However, please let us know whom you will be giving the invitation to, as this is an exclusive invite-only event and they may be refused entry if they are not on the guest list. 

Q: I do not live in Singapore. Will my flight and accomodation to the launch event be covered?
A: While we would love for you to attend the event, regardless of wherever you are in the world, each winner bears his own costs to reach the launch event venue. We will provide you a VIP invitation pass to attend the launch event and you will receive a private 1:1 tour conducted by Marius as well. 

Q: When and where is the launch event? 
A: We are in the midst of confirming the event launch date - this is scheduled for November and will take place at Marina South Pier in Singapore.

Q: How many questions can I ask?
A: You are allowed to ask as many questions as you like. However, in the spirit of sportmanship, please do not sign in with multiple social media accounts to try to dominate the competition, or we may disqualify you.

Please note that: In the event of any unforeseen circumstances or reasons which occur, we reserve the right to substitute prizes, disqualify winners or modify contest mechanics.

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