1600x900 drone

AR app update - Drone Deliveries in the maritime

The latest update to our AR app follows our trial of the world’s first commercial drone deliveries to vessels at anchorage.


1. Download the app by going to Google Play Store or Apple App store and searching for 'Wilhelmsen AR' app or by clicking on the links below:

Download from Apple app store

Download from Google Play store

2. Download and print out this PDF here​.

3. Open the app and select Ships Agency: Drone Delivery on the main menu.

4. A camera will open up with text saying 'Please locate the target'. Point the camera towards the printed image and watch our products come to life!


Using interactive 3D, you can scale, rotate and freeze the drone to see it in different angles.

1600x900 drone

Learn more about this new process that is set to revolutionize shore-to-ship deliveries and understand how unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) increase efficiency and safety, all through a single tap on your screen. 

1600x900 on vessel

Agency by Air is now brought to life as you navigate drone take-off, parcel collection and drone landing through the Wilhelmsen AR app.  

1600x900 landed

Click here for more information on our trial. 

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