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As a NATO member, Norway hosts exercises to test and train the alliance’s ability to plan and conduct defense operations. WilNor Governmental Services, in collaboration with the Norwegian Armed Forces, provides logistics support to participating nations during these exercises. During the latest exercise “Trident Juncture”, WGS and its suppliers organise transport, build camps and support Allied forces with food and equipment in camp.

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Through a comprehensive frame agreement with the Norwegian Armed Forces, Wilnor Governmental Services (WGS) provides host nation support to both Allied and Norwegian forces during the NATO exercise “Trident Juncture 18” starting this month. WGS organises logistics, through NorSea Group (NSG), in every step of the exercise from transport upon arrival in Norwegian ports, to building and operating camps ranging in size from 20 to 5 500 people. Services include among other things: housing, storage facilities, sanitary solutions, power supply, meals, laundry, gyms, welfare and communication equipment.

The mainland exercise takes place in the central and eastern parts of Norway, while the maritime part will be conducted in the surrounding areas of the North Atlantic and in the Baltic Sea. The aerial part of the exercise will also include the airspace above Sweden and Finland. Although the live training is conducted between 25 October and 7 November, the first Allied forces arrived in Norway at the end of August and the last is expected to stay until the end of December. Since the autumn of 2017, WGS and NSG have been working more or less full time planning Trident Juncture 2018.

To ease the coordination workload when 30 different nations report detailed needs of material for more than 40 000 people ranging from gigantic tents to water bottles, WGS has, in collaboration with the Norwegian Armed Forces, developed a web-based ordering system named HOBS. Short for Host nation support Order and Billing System. This technological innovation eases the process of ordering before and during as well as billing after the exercise to both participating and hosting nations. HOBS has been well received by the Allied nations, and WGS has already been approached by several nations interested in buying the system for further use.

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