Crowd Management & Human Behaviour Crisis

Emergencies can occur on even the most modern passenger ship. Only a well-trained crew can mitigate the effects of such an emergency and take care of passengers through good organization.
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Duration: 3 hours

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This course addresses basic procedures to be followed during an emergency on a passenger ship.

This course is a mandatory requirement as per STCW. The training is based on Det Norske Veritas' Paxtrim course and covers the topics listed In STCW Code section A-V/2.1 and section A-V/3.1.

Course Objective:

On completion of this course, a participant will:

  • have theoretical knowledge of the use of life saving appliances and control plans
  • know details on assisting passengers en route to muster and embarkation stations and major issues concerning mustering procedures

Suggested Target Group:

Masters, Officers, Ratings and other personnel who have served, or intend to serve, on board Ro-Ro Passenger vessels and Passenger vessels other than Ro-Ro Passenger Vessels. 

Course Contents:

  • Regulations, Definitions and Concepts
  • Life Saving Appliances and Control Plans
  • Assistance to Passengers en route to Muster and Embarkation Stations
  • Mustering Procedures 

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