TEOMAKI Planned Maintenance System

Teomaki TM is a computer-based system for Planning & Reporting Maintenance, and performing Material Administration & Stock Purchasing.

The Teomaki TM covers most of the functionality needed for onboard information system, covering operations for Maintenance & Material Management. Operational deviations & experiences as well as corrective measures can be reported & logged in the system. Additionally it also supports operations & documentation related to Company’s Safety Management System. It keeps tracks of any updates on Company documentation including manuals, forms, instructions etc.

Course Objective:

Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to:
• Understand Teomaki TM modules and structures
• Understand functional classification of processes onboard
• Use Teomaki TM for work planning, scheduling, inventory updates and ordering spare parts & follow-up
• Use Quality & Safety Module, including reporting of various type of reports in observation module.
• Apply techniques to complete tasks and responsibilities

Duration – 2 days

Suggested Target Group - All Management & Operational level officers serving on board, where the system is implemented.

Course Contents:
• Teomaki TM background, status and SFI Code structure.
• Maintenance
o Asset (Components + Materials)
o Maintenance (workflow)
o Customization of Filters with various criteria.
o Asset - Material transactions / Inventory.
o Managing Counters
• Procurement (workflow)
• Document Manager (adding, connecting various documents)
• Administration - Report Generation
• Understanding functionality of Role, Task and KPIs.
• Synchronization – Concept and overview.

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