‘AUTOCHIEF’ main-engine manoeuvring and control course

The course is conducted on the KONGSBERG (previously NORCONTROL) ‘AutoChief' Full Mission Main Engine Manoeuvring and Control System simulator.
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The ‘AutoChief' M/E remote control system is one of the most commonly found remote control system on board vessels of all types. Besides enabling starting, reversing and control, it also incorporates the safety shutdown and slowdown features of the M/E.  

The objective is to build the participants' ability and confidence in being able to operate the system, fully understanding its capabilities and limitations and also to troubleshoot the system when required. Intensive tracing and explanation of the M/E pneumatic manoeuvring circuit would also be carried out.

The hands-on philosophy followed ensures that the participants themselves operate / adjust the system. This would help to develop an overall understanding of the system functions and the confidence to operate it.

The simulator is equipped with the actual panels as would be found on board. It comprises the Bridge Control Panel and telegraph, the Engine Control Room Panel and telegraph, the Safety System Panel, the Governor System Panel and a Local Control Stand with the Governor Actuator and Mimic Main Engine. It is also fitted with various fault inducing switches in the electrical circuitry which are used to demonstrate common troubles as also for troubleshooting practice.

Salient features of latest version of AutoChief"C-20" are also explained and discussed.

Course Objective: The objective of the course is to:

  • Enable the participants to recognise pneumatic components and read / understand and trace / draw pneumatic circuits.
  • Enable engineers to operate the ‘AUTOCHIEF' control system in a correct and safe manner. 
  • Troubleshoot them logically and efficiently. 
  • Foster learning through sharing of experiences amongst participants.

Duration: 4 days

Suggested Target Group: Management & Operational level Engineers & Electrical Officers

Course Contents:

  • Pneumatic components, their symbols, port nomenclature (ISO 5599) and symbol analysis.
  • Intensive pneumatic circuit explanation and tracing of the B&W MC type Main Engine
  • Outline of the ‘AUTOCHIEF' control system
  • Complete familiarization with all the ‘AUTOCHIEF' control panels – the W/H and ECR Remote Control Panels, the Safety Panel SSU8800 and the Digital Governor Panel 8810e.
  • Explanation of the various Operational Codes (Op Codes), Channel Parameters and Values for the Control / Safety / Governor system signals and their function.
  • Adjustment and setting of the telegraph speed order potentiometer, panel power supplies check / adjustment.
  • Practical troubleshooting exercises involving the pneumatic circuit tracing and logical analysis of system faults. 
  • Outline of Governor system – explanation and demo of the various different modes of operation and governor behaviour in these modes, the speed signal and fuel index limiter functions, various settings etc.