Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics
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Course Objective: On completion of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • identify electronic components and their various applications on board
  • demonstrate the use of various test and measuring instruments used in electronics
  • trace and analyze electronic circuits
  • carry out routine maintenance and troubleshooting on electronic equipment
  • investigate a faulty marine electronic equipment logically in order to troubleshoot & in some cases, repair the fault
  • communicate with shore-based service personnel with adequate technological knowledge
  • learn through sharing of experiences amongst participants

Duration: 3 days

Suggested Target Group: Marine Engineers & Electrical Officers

Course Contents:


  • Electronic Component Identification.
  • Passive & Active Components & AC/DC Circuits
  • Testing techniques
  • Circuit Symbol, Usage & Applications.
  • Probability of going faulty and Fault status.


  • Operation of Regulator, stabilizer, safeguarding circuits.
  • Harmonic Filter Circuits – Concerns & consequences.
  • Linear & Switched Mode Power Supply Circuit – Operation and Troubleshooting.
  • Discussion on typical faults and troubleshooting electronic faults in Remote Controller Unit (RCU) or Remote IO Modules (RIOM)
  • Associated technique to zoom in to the faulty area (Hardware or Software-wise).
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) – Operation, Protections, Precautions & Trouble-shooting techniques.


  • Navigational Equipment layout and interconnections on Bridge, Radar Block diagram, Power distribution, routine maintenance & common faults.
  • Replacement of Magnetron & Tracing of various Radar Power Supply circuits.
  • Introduction to GMDSS plant. Interrelation and power distribution to various integrated equipment.
  • Architecture of PLC, IO Field Instrumentation - connection in Programmable Logic Controllers., Proximity Sensors, different types, Configuration of Sinking & Sourcing devices.

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