Engine Room Team Management (ETM)

The demands of modern ship operations require that engineer officers need to have more than just technical skills.
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Engine room casualties are often a result of human factors rather than only lack of technical knowledge. The importance of developing ‘people’ skills or ‘soft’ skills is becoming more and more apparent. This course is aimed at developing the human resource utilization and managerial skills of the participants. The course is conducted based on the guidelines as stated in Chapter III, Table A-III/1 and Table A-III/2 of STCW 2010 code. The course comprises lectures, simulator exercises, debriefing sessions and case studies and is conducted in an Engine Room Simulator environment. 

Course Objective: Use the Engine Room Simulator to enhance the E/R Team Management skills of watchkeepers.

  • to develop effective teamwork leading to optimum utilization of E/R machinery and human resources
  • to provide theory and practical training in the principles of human factors as applicable within the machinery spaces
  • to support a change of attitude and managerial skills
  • to enable the E/R team to respond efficiently to changing circumstances and contingencies.

 Duration: 2 days

Suggested Target Group: All Engineering Officers & Electrical Officers. 

Course Contents:

The course includes the topics given in the guidance regarding watchkeeping arrangements and principles as stated in Chapter III, Table A-III/1 and Table A-III/2 of STCW 2010 code and further emphasizes on :

Need for ETM

  • Error Chain & error management
  • Effective communication
  • Situational awareness
  • Interaction between ranks
  • Time management / workload, delegation & planning
  • Contingency planning
  • Leadership & Decision making
  • Case studies
  • Extensive practical exercises

 The course is conducted on a state-of-the-art "Part Full Mission" Engine NORCONTROL KONGSBERG Engine Room Simulator.