Applied Electronics (AELC)

In view of the increasing use of complex electronic equipment on board and this subject being a weak area for many Electrical officers, training in shipboard electronics is a crying need of the industry.
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Designed to systematically enhance the participant’s knowledge from a basic level to an understanding of advanced concepts in electronics, this highly practical oriented course fosters confidence and competence development in troubleshooting of electronic faults.

Extensive practical exercises on at least 6 projects are performed to enhance understanding of electronic fundamentals and behaviour of the circuit under normal and fault conditions.

Further, to enable many more circuits to be covered within the duration of the course, Circuit Maker Simulation Program is incorporated to simulate several electronic circuits under normal working and fault-induced conditions.

The course is conducted in a dedicated laboratory which incorporates specially designed workbenches provided with various power supplies, oscilloscopes and function generators. 

Course Objective: On completion of this course, the participant should be able to

  • describe the basic principles of electronics.
  • identify electronic components and their various applications on board.
  • demonstrate the use of various test and measuring instruments used in electronics.
  • trace and analyze electronic circuits.
  • carry out routine maintenance and troubleshooting on electronic equipment.
  • learn through sharing of experiences amongst participants.

 Duration: 6 days

Suggested Target Group: Management Level Engineers & Electrical Officers

Course Contents:

  • Use of test and measuring instruments viz. LCR meter, oscilloscope, logic pulser, logic probe, function generator etc.
  • Solid state technology / Semi-conductor physics
  • Transistor amplifiers
  • Power electronics
  • Integrated circuits
  • Operational Amplifiers
  • Digital technology -logic gates, CMOS & TTL I.C.'s, multivibrators, flip-flops etc.
  • Tracing of complex electronic circuit diagrams of various shipboard equipment viz. Radar. Auto-pilot, AVR, Echo sounder etc.
  • Simulation of several electronic circuits
  • General troubleshooting and maintenance on shipboard equipment
  • Extensive Projects / Practical