Onboard services

Due to time, economical and/or logistical constraints it may always be not possible for a shipping company to arrange, club number of floating staff together to undergo training ashore at one location.
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To solve such problem, IMTC also offers onboard training services whereby IMTC's own faculty can board and sail with the vessel to impart training. 

Course contents and approximate duration of faculty's stay on board (depending on vessel's trade) can be discussed and customised as per owner's requirement with due attention on quality of training at onboard environment.

Another advantage of such facility is that the participants are trained hands-on their own ship's equipment / version of software. At the same time, our visiting faculty can clear practical ship-specific doubts of staff.

Training sessions can be scheduled onboard in various batches so that not to hamper day-to-day activity of ships staff.

We have currently started onboard training service for some shipping companies in following areas:

  • Computer Familiarization training
  • Planned Maintenance Systems training
  • Data entry and update of planned maintenance systems
  • Please contact IMTC for further details.