Safety merger complete

We are pleased to inform you that as of 30 November, the financial transaction related to the announced merger between the safety business in Wilhelmsen Maritime Services AS (WMS) and Survitec Group Ltd (Survitec) has been completed.
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Survitec now owns all former WMS safety related systems, products, services and competence.  Wilhelmsen owns a 20% share of Survitec Group and holds a position on the board.

Going forward, Survitec will contact all customers and other stakeholders with more details on the integration and rebranding process. Until further notice, it is business as usual for all involved parties. Wilhelmsen will provide a number of support services to Survitec for a period limited to two years, to ensure a smooth on-boarding for all involved parties.

Wilhelmsen is excited to be part of creating a new leader in the field of safety solutions, an attractive market driven by regulatory requirements. The future holds exiting prospects for both customers and employees of the merged entity.

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