Significant growth for WSS Marine Products in New Zealand

Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) has reported consistent growth and increased market awareness over the last few years for its world-leading portfolio of Products in New Zealand, according to Nigel Smith, WSS General Manager for New Zealand and Pacific Islands.
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Recently relocated from central city offices to a new warehouse complex, WSS New Zealand is now able to concentrate on delivering a stronger mix of products, as well as new initiatives such as the innovative LRE (Liferaft Exchange Programme). Mr Smith said; “Rapid growth and strong uptake globally of the LRE offering has enabled us to gain important market share in a competitive environment which in the past has been dominated by traditional liferaft service companies. We foresee that LRE will be a game changer for ship managers, owners and operators globally.  With our new premises we are ready to take on the opportunities and challenges this offer presents when we establish our liferaft service station in the future.”

“When hiring we’ve specifically been looking for people with a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the shipping industry and a willingness to learn. Enthusiastic generalists, rather than specialists, have been vital for us to build a strong team and financial stability in our market. In addition, training – both technical and sales – has been, and will continue to be, critical to ensure we can maximize all opportunities for WSS in the future.”

Mr Smith is realistic about the market outlook for 2012, given the fragile global economic recovery. “I believe that in the coming year we’ll see an increased focus on volume, with ever-larger ships delivering greater economies of scale. This will drive increased demand for operational efficiency across all areas from owners, charterers and ship managers.”

“Many of our principals will be placing a large degree of trust in us to help them achieve these cost savings and efficiency gains. I believe that if we maintain strong, transparent customer relationships, deliver consistently and continue to innovate, we’ll not only retain our valued customers, but we’ll significantly grow our business during the tough times the industry has ahead of it in 2012.”