Find your rope certificates in an instant

Get quick and easy access to all your rope certificates issued by Wilhelmsen Ships Service.

Keeping track of certificates is an important task onboard ships. Both internal and external inspections/vettings require the paperwork to be in order. For your convenience, we have created a rope certificate portal that allows you to access and download your rope certificates. 


The application Equipment portal (Onix Work) offers a quick and easy access to rope certificates issued by Wilhelmsen Ships Service, and it also serves as an easily searchable certificate archive.

Does my company currently have Onix Express access?
Your Wilhelmsen contact should have already informed you when Express access has been granted to your company. If you are still unsure of your own access rights, then you should contact your local customer service

There is also a full user manual explaining everything you need to know below.

How to login: 

  1. Our certificate application is available if you click here.
  2. A new window with log-on to Equipment portal (Onix Work) will open.
  3. Choose Language (Språk:).
  4. Enter your e-mail address and password.
  5. Select Log in.

Download user manual

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