Environmental Protection

We are striving to achieve the most efficient, safe and environmentally-friendly products for use on board ships. Aware of how important it is to take care of the environment, we appreciate that the world’s resources are more precious than ever.

Shipping is recognized as the most sustainable mode of long distance transport of goods and materials, yet shipping too impacts environment. Wilhelmsen has a long-term commitment to continuously improve our operations to reduce our impact on the environment.

We have launched several highly-concentrated products which reduces the amount of packaging material needed while reducing storage space requirements and total costs for our customers.

Examples of sustainability can be seen in our:

  • Cylinder exchange program
  • Refrigerant reclaim solution
  • EasyClean galley and accommodation cleaning solution (we produce highly concentrated chemicals to pair with our Unitor™ mixing stations that minimize the usage of single use plastics on board)
  • FuelPower and DieselPower fuel treatment products
  • New heavy duty cargo hold cleaning chemical CargoClean HD

In addition, by offering environmentally sound products and solutions to the merchant fleet, we also contribute to making the industry greener. Stricter national regulations reflect this change of attitude, and it is our goal to be in forefront of the market by meeting the new legislations even before they apply.

Solution Range

  • Cover image_r22_final

    Phase-Out of R-22 Refrigerant in Maritime Industry

    In light of reducing global emissions of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS), the R-22 phase-out was implemented. This article will present a global overview of the R-22 situation and the recommended options available to help you comply with the phase-out.

  • shutterstock_29389801

    How to Avoid Counterfeit and Illegal Refrigerants

    Counterfeit refrigerants put you and your crew members at safety and compliance risks. This article aims to give you information on the risks of counterfeit refrigerants and how to avoid them.

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    Oil Spills

    In the event of a marine oil spill, a fast, efficient response is essential. Our oil spill kits are designed to be deployed easily and effectively when used in conjunction with the vessel’s response plan (as specified by IMO and OPA90).

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