Our employees

We are committed to ensuring that our employees, no matter where they are located in the world, have equal rights and decent working conditions. Our global operations are characterised by high ethical standards with focus on freedom, development, equality, empowerment, safety, security and dignity.

Human rights and labour standards
Complying with international standards, laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate is essential to ensure decent and fair working conditions for our employees at sea and on shore. We conduct our business with respect for human rights and labour standards, including conventions and guidelines related to the prevention of child or forced labour, minimum wage and salary, working conditions and freedom of association.

We welcome the ILO Maritime Labour Convention that entered into force in August 2013. The convention brings together international minimum standards aimed at ensuring decent working conditions for seafarers, while helping to provide a level playing field for quality ship owners.   Safe and positive working conditions promote growth and success both for the employee and for the company. It is also important in retaining and attracting competent and experienced employees necessary to secure the group’s growth ambitions.  

The group’s Working Environment Committee aims to secure a safe and positive working environment by monitoring conditions related to health, safety and employee welfare. All subsidiaries based at the group’s head office are represented. Its meetings are also attended by the company medical officer and a representative from the human resources department.  

The Executive Committee for Industrial Democracy in Foreign Trade ensures that the interests of employees are voiced at executive level. The committee’s work focuses on reviewing financial matters of significance to the group and with special importance to the workforce. The committee, chaired by the group CEO, comprises four directors, of which one represents land-based employees and one represents the seafarers.     

Equal opportunities
The Wilhelmsen group operates globally, spanning a rich diversity of cultures and value systems. All employees shall be treated with respect and be given equal opportunities to obtain work and develop their competence and skills. Harassment, discrimination or other behaviour that may be perceived as threatening or degrading is not acceptable; nor is discrimination based on race, gender, sexual preference or any other grounds.

Training and development
To ensure continuous improvement and adaptability and safeguard the group’s market position, training and organisational development are actively pursued. In addition to offering employees a variety of external courses, the group operates its own training institution, the WW Academy. It provides programmes for leadership development as well as a broad range of specific programmes such as project management, introductory manager training, management skills, global leadership development, consulting service and a maritime industry programme.  

Whistle blowing
The company has a global whistle blowing system including procedures and channels for giving notice to the company about potential non-compliance, e.g. corruption, theft, fraud, sexual harassment or other breaches to the company’s business standards.

Strengthening transparency and safeguarding that the business standards are applied the way they are intended, the procedures also ensure that the group has a professional way of handling potential breaches to laws and regulations, self-imposed business standards or other serious irregularities. The procedures also includes guidelines to safeguard the whistle blower.