Health and safety

We continuously work towards an overall goal of zero injuries. Each subsidiary is responsible for developing targets and activity plans, establishing control systems as well as implementing measures and preventive activities within health and safety and working environment.

We will live up to our health and safety commitment by:

  • Complying with relevant health and safety laws and regulations and carrying out our work in compliance with our policies and processes.

  • Sharing knowledge and stimulating a culture that promotes a safe working environment and efficient operations. We ensure a sufficient level of health and safety awareness through training programmes, practical exercises and other initiatives.

  • Good risk management, regularly identifying, assessing and managing health and safety risks related to our operations and implementing appropriate actions when indicated.

  • Monitoring and reporting on our health and safety performance on a regular basis, including all unwanted incidents, accidents and near-accidents.

  • Being accountable, setting expectations for managers to take an active role in health and safety work.