We have a zero toleranse policy towards bribery and have established whistle-blowing procedures to support transparency and handle breaches to laws, regulations and internal expectations.

The battle against corruption in all its forms requires cooperation between industry players, governments and individual companies.

Bribery – the acceptance, offering, solicitation or promise of benefits, monetary or in kind, in order to gain business advantages to which we would otherwise not be entitled – is not tolerated within the Wilhelmsen group. It is an illegal form of business practice, and our policy is one of zero tolerance.

Related to bribery are facilitation payments – unofficial payments made to facilitate, secure or speed up performance of business transactions, duties or services, to which one is otherwise entitled. Such payments are not limited to monetary consideration, but may take other forms such as gifts or entertainment. In some countries, facilitation payments are regrettably an unavoidable means of securing routine, low-level action and/or approvals, but such payments are a type of bribery and are a breach of existing laws. We recognise that the practice of facilitation payments is a challenge in several countries, and we are committed to work towards eliminating such practices.

Wilh. Wilhelmsen and all its fully owned companies are members of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network.

An important element of our anti-corruption program are procedures and channels for giving notice to the company about potential non-compliance, e.g. corruption, theft or fraud.

The global procedures strengthen transparency and safeguard that our business standards are applied the way they are intended. The procedures ensure the group has a professional way of handling potential breaches to laws and regulations, our self-imposed business standards or other serious irregularities including procedures to safeguard the whistle-blower.  

Our partnerships 
We are members of Transparency International Norway. We are committed to zero tolerance towards all forms of corruption and work to implement our values, code of conduct and anti-corruption programs throughout the organization.