Suez Canal Transit

More than 30 years of canal transit experience, with 200 employees across 7 different offices in Egypt.

Approximately 1 billion tons of cargo transited the Suez Canal in 2015, and the canal will celebrate its 150 year anniversary by year 2019, being one of the world’s most important canals for seaborne trade.

Although long traditions with an exceptional history, the Suez Canal is facing competition from Panama, and the Egyptian government recently built a new parallel canal of 72 KM, which will reduce southbound waiting time from 18 hours to 11 hours. The Suez Canal Authorities estimates that this will double the number of daily transits within year 2023, and traffic through the canal will increase.

As an operator you want to take advantage of the new canal developments, and you expect your ships to transit in a safe, cost and time-efficient way. We have more that 30 years of canal transit experience in the Suez Canal, and our competent Egypt team has 200 employees spread across 7 different offices, to assist you at all times.

Dedicated 24/7 Transit Desk

Get in touch with our new and dedicated 24/7 Transit Desk located in Egypt, to experience our local expertise. The dedicated desk will be managed by our local guys who hold a strong operational as well as commercial background, with deep knowledge about technical specifications and requirements for all ship types. The team has solid relations with all local stakeholders such as Suez Canal Authorities, local port authorities, police and/or security companies, so that we can quickly assess and answer any type of question related to costs, time and safety – at all times.

Experience quality service with our Wilhelmsen Egypt team:

  • New and dedicated 24/7 Transit Desk located in both Panama and Egypt with resident expertise and good command of English
  • Get to know how we arrange and negotiate toll rebate applications with our expert advisory team in Suez Canal.
  • Strong local presence with 30 years of history in Egypt.
  • Calculate all toll costs upfront with 95% accuracy, with our new online toll calculator tool
  • We have a solid relationship with all port authorities and security companies
  • All Transit Desk specialists are frequently quality-checked with specialised training
  • Husbandry services keeping your crew safe and costs down
  • Excellent Unitor, Nalfleet and Timm products at both ends of the canals
  • Wilhelmsen has one of strongest governance values in the industry in order to keep your business in compliance

Industry Perspectives

  • 1600 X 900 suez canal rebate guide - navigating

    Suez canal rebates guide: Navigating the rebate system

    The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) has implemented a rebate system as an incentive to attract more ships to use the Suez Canal instead of alternative routes. Knowing how to navigate your way through the rebate system's processes is important to understand as it can result in significant reduction in your vessel's toll fee.

    Written by Steffen Langlete , Product Manager, Full Agency

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Customer Tools

  • 1600 X 900 suez canal rebate guide 3

    Suez canal: Frequently used toll rebate schemes

    Keeping up to date with the various Suez canal authority's toll rebates can be challenging yet necessary as it can result in significant reduction in your vessel's toll fee. With this in mind, we have put together the most frequently used toll rebate schemes based on vessel type for your convenience.

  • 500 X 281 suez toll calculator

    Suez Toll Calculator

    Plan your voyage with our Canal Transit calculator, or contact a specialist for a quote on all your ports. Our entire network, in one click.

In the news

  • Press release, Published: Last updated: (Wilhelmsen Ships Service, Ships agency)
    1600 X 900 suez canal - wilhelmsen

    WSS Suez Canal transit team to cut customer costs, workloads and confusion

    Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) has established a dedicated local transit team to help its customers negotiate not just the Suez Canal, but also the complex rebate system designed to boost traffic through the recently expanded waterway. The new office, based in Alexandria, is staffed 24/7 by local agents who intimately understand both customer requirements and the workings of the Suez Canal Authority (SCA).

Need Suez canal toll rebate advice?

Want to understand how the toll rebate process works? Don’t worry, we will hold a workshop for you with one of our local Suez canal transit experts.

Get toll rebate advice

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