1600 X 900 Eid holiday - port operations affected

Eid Al Adha Holidays: How are port operations affected?

With Eid Al Adha (The Feast of Sacrifice) holidays just round the corner, avoid potential cargo or custom clearance delays and additional costs by being aware of the various port and government institution closures in UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Egypt and Yemen.
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Here's a collated list of the various affected port operations during Eid Al Adha (The Feast of Sacrifice) holidays in United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Egypt and Yemen:

United Arab Emirates (12 September – 15 September)

  • Full working overtime basis in most ports
  • Delays can be anticipated for Visa approval, Immigration clearance, CID clearance, FTA & Coast Guard
  • Services of Tugs & Pilots will not be available during first Eid Al Adha day on 12th Sep between 0500hrs to 1000hrs

Turkey (12 September – 15 September)

  • Holiday will cause the closure of all state offices, including banks. Some services will not be available during the holiday period, for example:
    1. CTM Clearance from Bank
    2. Spare Parts Clearance from Custom
    3. Crew change (subject to transit seaman visa)
  • In most of the ports, on the first day of The Feast of Sacrifice Holiday, cargo operations will not be handled
  • Customs will not work on 12-13 September. On 14-15 September customs will work on overtime basis

Saudi Arabia (12 September – 15 September)

  • Port operations will be running 24/7 with no overtime at most ports
  • Authorities announced that due to Eid Al Adha, immigration office shall be closed on 12-13 September, hence no crew change can be done during these days. Immigration will resume working normal from 14 September

Oman (9 September to 17 September)

  • All ports in Oman will work with limited capacity during this period
  • No crew visa applications or spare part clearance will be accepted or processed by the Local Authorities during this period
  • Expect port and marine operations working on overtime basis. In addition, terminal closures on the first day of Eid Al Adha are possible
  • Normal working day will resume on 18 September for Private and Government sectors

Qatar (9 September to 17 September)

  • Local Government offices will be closed during this period
  • On the first day of Eid Al Adha, vessel operations, delivery, receiving, pilotage and vessel maneuvering will stop completely from 12 September 0001 hrs to 13 September 0600 hrs
  • There will be some personnel on standby duties during closure hours for emergency cases as follows:
  1. Operations Duty in Charge: +(974)-5586 6784
  2. Yard Supervisor: +(974)-6671 4247
  3. Safety in Charge: +(974)-6672 9295
  4. Warehouse in Charge: +(974)-5585 4678
  5. Control tower: +(974)-4443 4377
  • On 9 September, there will be a prayer break from 1100 hrs to 1400 hrs
  • All stevedore services during this period will be considered as overtime
  • Marine units will be manned 24\7 via channel 14

Egypt (11 September – 16 September)

  • All banks and government authorities will be closed during that period
  • The ports cargo operations will not be affected
  • Suez Canal will not be affected
  • Port Authorities will charge overtime charges for all services

Yemen (12 September – 15 September)

  • Ports will stop working in first day of Eid Al Adha and will resume work under 100% overtime charges from the second day
  • All the official offices and centers will be closed during this period
  • Delays can be anticipated for Visa approval, Immigration clearance, CID clearance, FTA & Coast Guard

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