Saudi Arabian Ports

The Port of Jubail Authorities have announced official update regarding blockade of vessels loading in Qatar.
Port news, Published:

All non-Qatari flagged/owned/beneficiary vessels loading cargo ‘in-transit’ at Qatari ports are now allowed to call the Port of Jubail directly after loading operations at Qatari ports. It’s been also permitted for those non-Qatari flagged/owned/beneficiary vessels carrying cargo ‘in-transit’ to Qatar to sail directly from Jubail to Qatari ports. However, Qatari owned/beneficiary and Qatari flagged vessels are still not allowed to call Saudi ports. Furthermore, cargoes loaded in Qatar cannot be discharged or transshipped at any Saudi Ports and it is also not permitted at any Saudi Ports to load or transship any cargoes destined to Qatar.

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