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The UAE: as per Circular No. 02/2017 issued by Petroleum Ports Authority Implementation of the decision related to Sanctions on Qatar. This Circular replaces Circular No. 01/2017.
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In line with the governmental decision issued on Monday 5th June 2017, regarding the enforcement of sanctions on diplomatic ties and closure of all borders with the state of Qatar, and in reference to the Federal Transport Authority's Circular No. 2/2/1023, issued on 11th June 2017, following instructions are to be adhered to by all Petroleum Ports Users: 1) Not to receive any Qatari flag vessel or any owned by Qatari Companies or Qatari individuals. 2) Not load / unload any cargo of Qatari orgin in any port or water of UAE. 3) Not to allow ships to load any cargo of UAE orgin to State of Qatar.

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