Chinese Ports

Berthing delays for main iron ore ports in China:
Port news, Published:

Bayuquan, Lianyungang, Jingtang, Xiamen 5-7 days with 5-8 vessels waiting; Caofeidian, Lanshan, Huangpu, Fangcheng 3-4 days with 1-4 vessels waiting; Shanghai, Taicang, Nantong, Kemen, Zhanjiang 2-3 days with 2-4 vessels waiting; Tianjin, Qingdao, Rizhao, Beilun, Zhoushan 1-2 days with 2-4 vessels waiting. There are no berthing delays at Dalian port for iron ore shipments. Beilun and Zhoushan: ports close from 0000 hrs LT to 0150 hrs LT 14th July, due to heavy fog.

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