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Prohibited navigation area to be implemented at the Yellow Sea in the beginning of August.
Port news, Published:

The Chinese Navy will organize large scale military activities east of the sea area from Qingdao to Lianyungang. Rizhao and Lanshan ports might be also affected by the navy maneuvers. For the safety concern, all vessels will be temporally prohibited to enter the navigation area from 5th August 0600 hrs LT until 8th August 1800 hrs LT. Coordinates of seven points of this area:

  • 35-51.00N/120-04.00E
  • 35-51.00N/120-53.30E
  • 36-02.00N/120-53.30E
  • 36-02.00N/123-35.00E
  • 35-16.30N/123-35.00E
  • 34-12.00N/122-16.00E
  • 34-12.00N/120-34.00E
  • 35-38.00N/119-49.30E

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