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1600 X 900 China ports

Chinese ports: Latest Zika virus requirements

Intending to discharge cargo at Chinese port? Be prepared for the latest Zika spread prevention regulations and fumigation fees at your port of destination with these in-depth requirements guidelines.

Latest port news

  • 1600 x 900 passport visa

    Philippine Ports

    26 Jul’17: Strict implementation of visa requirement for crew and passengers of incoming vessels in the Philippines. Vessel carrying high risk or restricted crew onboard are prohibited from making port calls. On the List high risk & restricted nationals there are 42 countries. Failure to comply means vessel owners will be subjected to payment of Immigration Administrative fine amounting to PHP50,000.00 (USD 1,000.00) per crew/passenger. If crew/passenger members are not visaed, the Immigration Officer-in-charge shall require the master of vessel to explain in writing why they were not able to secure a visaed crew/passenger list prior to their arrival in the Philippines. If the reasons given are meritorious, ship agents will be required to pay to Immigration visa fee of PHP 110.00 (USD2.20) crew/passenger. For more information Makati office at (+63) 2 816 7666

  • 1600 x 900 Wellington

    New Zealand

    26 Jul’17: Changes in Channel approach depth to port entrance, due to storm weather in New Zealand last week. Some arriving vessels may now have tidal windows imposed for berthing. A survey of the outer channel after the recent weather event have revealed that we lost 60cm of water. Outer channel in Timaru is now 10.0m. The current channel depth means that any vessel with a draft of more than 8.9m could be restricted by the tide. Now there are works on mobilizing a dredge for an emergency dredging campaign to ensure we reinstate the channel depth as quickly as possible. For more information WSS Wellington office at (+64) 4 473 4460

  • 1600 X 900 china

    Yellow Sea

    26 Jul’17: Prohibited Navigation Area in Yellow Sea. The Chinese Navy will organize large scale military activities east of the sea area from Qingdao to Lianyungang. For the safety concern, ships will be temporally prohibited to enter the navigation area from 0800 27th July to 1800 July 29th 2017. Coordinates of seven points of this area: (1) 35-51.00N/120-13.00E, (2) 35-51.00N/120-53.00E, (3) 35-57.00N/120-53.00E, (4) 35-57.00N/122-10.00E, (5) 34-23.50N/122-10.00E, (6) 34-23.50N/120-31.58E, (7) 34-46.00N/120-13.00E. For more information WSS Shanghai office at (+86) 21 6086 3888

  • 1600 x 900 dredging

    Santos, Brazil

    26 Jul’17: Dredging works in Santos, Brazil - TEV - Vehicles Terminal. Please be advised that Port Authorities announced dredging works scheduled to take place on TEV - Vehicles Terminal, on left margin of Santos Port Channel. The outlined service is going to commence on 27th July and expectations are to be concluded until 31st July. Dredging works are for depth maintenance only. For more information: WSS Santos office at (+55) 1321011820

  • 1600 x 900 costs

    Sohar, Oman

    24 Jul’17: New port tariff at the Port of Sohar effective from 1 August 2017. The Authorities have announced that revised price for port charges and services will be valid from 1 August 2017 until 30 June 2018. The new tariff will include: Rates for: Port Dues (Inside Port Basin), Marine Services (Inside Port Basin), Port Dues and Marine Services (Outside Port Basin), Anchorage Services, Port Boat Services Port Waste and Project Cargo Surcharge. For more information: WSS Sohar office at (+968) 26845093

  • 1600 x 900 Kiel Canal 3

    Kiel Canal, Germany

    21 Jul'17: The Kiel Canal Authorities have announced that Southern Big Lockchamber at Kiel-Holtenau will be taken out of service on Monday (24 July 2017) until about Friday (28 July 2017), from about 07:00 until about 17:00 hrs daily to carry out remaining maintenance/repair works. During mentioned periods one Big Lockchamber will remain in operation only and delays are possible. For more information: WSS Germany office at (+49) 48 5282450

  • 1600 X 900 All vessels

    Egyptian Ports

    20 Jul'17: The current situation overview at main Egyptian ports. Port of Damietta: all dry bulk berths are occupied, with 11 vessels at anchorage and 13 expected, there are no delays expected for tanker vessels; Port of Adabiya: all dry bulk berths are occupied, with 2 vessels waiting and 9 expected (2-3 days delay), no delays for tanker vessels; Port of El Dekhila: all berths are occupied, with 6 vessels waiting and 7 expected (3-4 days delay subject to cargo sample results for grains). Abu Qir: most of berth occupied, with 6 vessels waiting and 4 expected (3-4 days delay). For more information: WSS Alexandria office at (+20) 3 4843510

  • 1600 x 900 port cranes

    Uruguay Ports

    19 Jul'17: General strike action scheduled for Thursday (20 July) affect port operations at all Uruguay ports. All activities of public entities will be suspended for 24 hours. Port operations are expected to recommence on 21 July (Friday). For more information: WSS Uruguay office at +1 281 867 200

  • 1600 x 900 brazilian flag

    Santos, Brazil

    19 Jul'17: The current situation overview at the Port of Santos, due to weather conditions. The weather condition has improved and Local Harbour Master decided to resume vessels maneuvering this Tuesday (18th July) as from 18:00 hrs. High Swells still persists then exception is made for vessels with LOA over 360m and/or Beam over 46m, according to Local Harbour Safety Regulation, berthing/ unberthing is allowed only in conditions of sea and wind up to Beaufort scale force 5. For more information: WSS Santos office at (+55) 13 2101 1822

  • 1600 x 900 dredging 2

    Santos, Brazil

    18 Jul'17: The current situation overview at the Port of Santos due to dredging works. Santos Port Authorities confirmed maintenance dredging works to take place at Ilha Barnabe - Bocaina - as from Monday (17th July) - on sailing of MV Navig8 Victoria, presently under operations - up to Saturday (22nd July). Operations are conducted between Bollard 437up to Bollard 446. For more information: WSS Santos office at (+55) 13 2101 1822

  • 1600 x 900 flag egypt

    Ain Sukhna, Egypt

    18 Jul'17: The current situation of liquid cargo berth at Ain Sukhna Port. LPG terminal at Ain Sukhna ( DPW ) port resumed cargo operation after the berth was in use by FSRU BW SINGAPORE. The first vessel will be expected to arrive around 24th July to load ammonia around 24000 MT. Shall do our best to revert with (Shippers, receivers & quantity). At Ain Sukhna (SUMED) Port, the LPG terminal is still under construction, expect to start cargo operation mid 2018. For more information: WSS Ain Sukhna office at (+20) 623 710 130/1

  • 1600 x 900 windy sea

    Santos, Brazil

    18 Jul'17: Santos Channel closed, due to bad weather. Adverse weather conditions affecting port operations at the Santos Port. This morning around 0800 hrs LT, Local Harbour Master decided to cease vessel maneuvers due to bad weather conditions. As per Santos Pilots Station, High Swells is reaching 3 m and strong winds 20 knots. Waves led to authorities to declare bar closure for in/out maneuvers that might impact line ups so far divulged. Safety comes first always. For more information: WSS Santos office at (+55) 13 2101 1822

  • 1600 x 900 Indian flag

    New Mangalore, India

    17 Jul’17: The Authorities have announced revised maximum permissible draft at the Port of New Mangalore with continuation of circular dated 6th July 2017, in concunction with onset of monsoon season 2017 and continuous siltation. Maximum permissible draft for the approach channel has been reduced from 13.75m with 1m high tide to 13.50m with 1 high tide, with immediate effect. For more information: WSS Mangalore office at (+91) 824 245 7409

  • 1600 X 900 China ports

    Chinese Ports

    14 Jul'17: Berthing delays for main iron ore ports in China: Bayuquan, Lianyungang, Jingtang, Xiamen 5-7 days with 5-8 vessels waiting; Caofeidian, Lanshan, Huangpu, Fangcheng 3-4 days with 1-4 vessels waiting; Shanghai, Taicang, Nantong, Kemen, Zhanjiang 2-3 days with 2-4 vessels waiting; Tianjin, Qingdao, Rizhao, Beilun, Zhoushan 1-2 days with 2-4 vessels waiting. There are no berthing delays at Dalian port for iron ore shipments. Beilun and Zhoushan: ports close from 0000 hrs LT to 0150 hrs LT 14th July, due to heavy fog.For more information: WSS Shanghai office at (+86) 21 6086 3888

  • 1600 x 900 fender

    El Dekheila, Egypt

    13 Jul'17: Operations at Berth No. 90/1 at the Port of El Dekheila have been suspended yesterday, on 12 July. The Local Harbour Master has announced, that subject berth will be out of service due to fender installation. Berth No. 90/1 is used for discharging iron ore, iron pellets, coal and collecting cargo samples, mostly from vessels carrying grain. Estimated waiting time for berthing is approximately 3-4 days, subject to cargo type and cargo sampling results. For more information: WSS Alexandria office at (+20) 3 4843510

  • 1600 x 900 Rhine River

    Rhine River

    13 Jul'17: Low water surcharge applicable in multiple areas on Rhine River. A continuous trend in the decrease of water levels is forcing vessels to load approximately 300-400 MT less cargo and pay 10 % surcharge per 10 dm fall over the loaded weight. Expected water depth at German locations this week: Kaub 137 cm (39 cm less), Cologne 197 cm (38 cm less) and Ruhrort 275 cm (44 cm less). For the coming week the levels are expected to remain the same. For more information: WSS Rotterdam office at (+31) 10 487 7980

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