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With offices in 75 countries, supporting our non-stop operations in 2,200 ports worldwide, our port knowledge team brings you the latest local port news and operational updates on a daily basis.

1600 X 900 China ports

Chinese ports: Latest Zika virus requirements

Intending to discharge cargo at Chinese port? Be prepared for the latest Zika spread prevention regulations and fumigation fees at your port of destination with these in-depth requirements guidelines.

Latest port news

  • 1600 x 900 certification

    Brazilian Ports

    26 May'17: The International Health Regulations (IHR) has released the list of authorized ports to issue Ship Sanitation Certificates at Brazilian Ports. SSCC, SSCEC and extensions can be arranged at following ports: Barra dos Coqueiros, Belem, Cabedelo, Corumba, Fortaleza, Imbituba, Itaguai, Itajai, Itaqui, Macae, Maceio, Manaus, Natal, Paranagua, Pecem, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande, Salvador, Santana, Santos, Sao Francisco do Sul, Sao Sebastiao, Suape, Tubarao, Vila do Conde and Vitoria. For more information: WSS Santos office at (+55) 13 2101 1822

  • 1600 x 900 costs

    Portland, Australia

    26 May'17: The Authorities have announced revised price for port charges and services at the Port of Portland, effective from 1 July 2017. The new tariff will include: wharfage 2% increase except for livestock (sheep up by 11%; cattle up by 22%); tonnage 2% increase; berth hire 3% increase; mooring 4% increase; towage 4% increase; pilotage 6% increase; transportation charge 15% increase. Furthermore, there will be a new charge for berth lighting (AUD 265 per vessel per night at the port). For more information: WSS Melbourne office at (+61) 3 9630 0900

  • 1600 x 900 Mississippi River

    Mississippi River

    26 May'17: The water levels increase on the Mississippi River. Expected water depth at American locations: New Orleans 496 cm (16,26 ft), Reserve 696 cm (22,84 ft), Donaldsonville 910 cm (29,85 ft), Baton Rogue 1231 cm (40,40 ft), Red River Landing 1758 cm (57,67 ft). For the coming weeks the levels are expected to further increase slightly. High water levels may cause harbour closures, bridge clearance denials, traffic suspensions, tightened LOA and beam restrictions on the Mississippi River. For more information: WSS New Orleans office at (+1) 504 739 7100

  • 1600 x 900 jebel ali

    Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates

    25 May'17: The Authorities have announced adjusted working schedule at the Port of Jebel Ali during the Holy Month of Ramadan. General cargo terminals will be operating on normal basis between 0800 hrs and 1400 hrs, overtime will be charged after 1400 hrs onwards. Furthermore, there will be two breaks: Iftar break 1900-1945 hrs and Suhoor break 0330-0400 hrs. Port operations will continue on 24 hours basis, Commercial and Administrative Departments will be working from Sunday to Thursday between 0800 hrs and 1400 hrs. For more information: WSS Dubai office at (+971) 4 382 3888

  • 1600 x 900 strike brazil

    Brazilian Ports

    25 May'17: National Customs officers strike action at major Brazilian Ports still continues. Customs officers intends to keep activities stopped until Local Rule 765/2016 returns to the Government agenda which is part of an agreement made last year between the Government and the Customs officers. The Local Rule must be released by the Government until 1 June 2017 or it will expire. Despite Customs Union declaration that only sensitive cargo will be released, additional delays in cargo readiness or clearances have not been yet observed. For more information: WSS Santos office at (+55) 13 2101 1822

  • 1600 x 900 ship loader iron ore

    Chinese Ports

    25 May'17: The current situation at main Chinese iron ore ports: Bayuquan, Jingtang, Caofeidian ports have been closed today, on 25 May due to strong wind (Bayuquan at 0200 hrs LT; Jingtang at 0420 hrs LT; Caofeidian 0530 hrs LT); Dalian port has suspended pilot services due to rough weather conditions; Tianjin, Qingdao, Rizhao, Lanshan, Lianyungang, Shanghai, Taicang, Nantong, Beilun, Zhoushan, Xiamen, Kemen, Huangpu, Zhanjiang and Fangcheng ports remain fully operational with no pending closures. For more information: WSS Shanghai office at (+86) 21 6086 3888

  • 1600 x 900 pilot

    Australian Ports

    24 May'17: The Department of Transport and Main Roads has announced pilotage fees and conservancy charges increase at the Ports of Queensland, effective from 1 July 2017. A recent review of Queensland's port pilotage services had identified a need to increase port pilotage fees to meet general cost increases across all Queensland ports. The Government Indexation Policy rate of 3,5 % will apply to pilotage fees, pilotage delay fees and pilotage cancellation fees for all ships visiting Queensland ports. For more information: WSS Mackay office at (+61) 7 49563666

  • 1600 x 900 filipino soldier

    Filipino Ports

    24 May'17: Filipino ports and terminals near Marawi City still remain operational after President Rodrigo Duterte has declared martial law for 60 days due to conflict between military forces and the ISIS-inspired Maute fighters. As of today, 24 May 1300 hrs LT Iligan, Lugait, Villanueva, Cagayan De Oro and Davao ports are operational as usual, however CTM deliveries might be suspended due to safety issues. The Maute is a radical Islamist group blamed for the recent terrorist attack in Davao City which killed 15 people. For more information: WSS Makati office at (+63) 2 816 7666

  • 1600 x 900 Alexandria Port

    Egyptian Ports

    24 May'17: The current situation overview at main Egyptian ports. Damietta: expect berthing delays for dry bulk vessels due to Ramadan and increasing demand on grains, furthermore there are no delays for tanker vessels and 72 hour delays for general cargo vessels; Adabiya: most dry bulk berths are occupied with 2 vessels waiting & 10 expected (3-4 days delay), additionally due to increasing demand of palm oil, tanker vessels will be forced to wait 7-8 days for berthing; Alexandria: expect berthing delays for tanker vessels due to Ramadan and increasing demand for vegetable oils. For more information: WSS Alexandria office at (+20) 3 4843510

  • 1600 x 900 anchorage night

    Al Fujayrah, United Arab Emirates

    23 May'17: The Authorities have announced adjusted working schedule at the Port of Al Fujayrah during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Vessel working shifts for general and bulk services will be 0500-1200 hrs, 1200-1800 hrs, 2100-0300 hrs. Maritime services will be available on a 24 hours basis, expect pilotage from 1800-2030 hrs. Cargo operations at the FOTT will continue 24 hours, however ships inspections and MLA operations will be suspended during the following periods: 0300-0430 hrs and 1830-2000 hrs. For more information: WSS Fujairah office at (+971) 9 222 8400

  • 1600 x 900 draft marks 4

    Hay Point, Australia

    23 May'17: Revised navigation depths at the Port of Hay Point. The Department of Transport and Main Roads - Maritime Safety Queensland has issued notice to mariners amending port navigation depths, affecting Hay Point pilotage area, departure channel and berths. Mariners are advised that the design and actual navigation depths below port datum, Lowest Astronomical Tide, as of Friday, 12 May, are as follows: HPS Berth 1 - 16,1 m; HPS Berth 2 - 16,7 m; HPS 3 Berth 18,3 m; DBCT Berths 1,2,3,4 -16,8 m. For more information: WSS Mackay office at (+61) 7 49563666

  • 1600 x 900 qingdao iron ore

    Chinese Ports

    23 May'17: Berthing delays for main iron ore ports in China: Lanshan 5-7 days with 5 vessels waiting; Bayuquan, Rizhao, Shanghai 3-4 days with 2-5 vessels waiting; Qingdao, Lianyungang, Nantong, Xiamen, Kemen, Zhanjiang, Fangcheng 2-3 days with 4-7 vessels waiting; Jingtang, Caofeidain, Taicang, Beilun, Zhoushan 1-2 days with 2-5 vessels waiting. Currently, there are no berthing delays at Dalian, Tianjin and Huangpu ports for iron ore shipments. All the ports are operational with no closures pending. For more information: WSS Shanghai office at (+86) 21 6086 3888

  • 1600 x 900 brazilian flag

    Brazilian Ports

    22 May'17: Potential National Customs officers strike action at major Brazilian Ports. Due to a recent announcement, a National Customs officers strike is supposed to take place as from 22 May 2017 with no defined ending. Customs officers are attempting to pressure the Federal Government to comply with an agreement established in the last year. Sensitive activities related to clearances of live cargo, dangerous goods, medicines, perishable materials and skiff will not be affected during strike actions. For more information: WSS Santos office at (+55) 13 2101 1822

  • 1600 x 900 fee

    Mumbai, India

    22 May'17: Vessel related charges increase at the Port of Mumbai, effective now. The Authorities have announced that the port will charge 2% extra fees on all the current vessel related charges i.e. Port Dues, Pilotage, Berth Hire, Anchorage Dues, Lighterage etc. Furthermore, the Port Authorities may bring this hike into effect from 1 April, which means all the shipping agents will have to pay for their vessels arrived between 1 April 2017 till 15 May 2017 the said 2% extra charges. For more information: WSS Mumbai office (+91) 22 6637 5500

  • 1600 x 900 fog

    Chinese Ports

    22 May'17: The current situation at main Chinese iron ore ports: Dalian and Qingdao ports have been closed today, on 22 May due to heavy fog (Dalian at 0630 hrs LT; Qingdao at 0120 hrs LT); Shanghai, Taicang, Nantong ports have withdrawn temporary maximum draft reduction at the Yangtze River due to recent boxship accident; Bayuquan, Tianjin, Jingtang, Caofeidian, Rizhao, Lanshan, Lianyungang, Beilun, Zhoushan, Xiamen, Kemen, Huangpu, Zhanjiang and Fangcheng ports remain fully operational with no pending closures. For more information: WSS Shanghai office at (+86) 21 6086 3888

  • 1600 x 900 lyttelton earthquake

    Lyttelton, New Zealand

    18 May'17: Earthquake repairs progress overview at the Port of Lyttelton. Inner Harbour repairs to berth No.2 are nearing completion, however berth unavailability remains unchanged as final clearance for cargo operations is still awaiting engineers’ approval. The berth will be utilized as lay-up for large trawlers until late-May 2017. Bulk and project cargo operations continue to suffer minor delays due again to the lack of working berths in the Inner Harbour and significant pressure on Inner Harbour berths No.3 and No.7. For more information: WSS Christchurch office at (+64) 3 961 1990

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