Enhancing the Dry Dock Experience

Working smarter with a smoother process
Published: (Wilhelmsen Ship Management)

Sanjiv Rastogi, Head of New Building and Technical Services (NETS), conducts regular training at WSM Korea on the use of Refman, a defect reporting and dry docking software.

Short for REFit MANagement, the software is mainly a project management tool that will help owners to better gauge cost and time during the docking process.

"We understand that the dry docking team is here to help us and the software will make things easier. The vessel manager’s workload will be reduced as they are supported by the dry docking team. Overall quality of work will improve with good specifications, including
budget control and time management,” said Amitabh Agrawal, a WSM Korea Fleet Manager.

Lee-Sang Hyeop, Assistant Vessel Manager from WSM Korea, also agreed that the tool can better facilitate the dry docking process.

"We can record vessel defects on a daily basis and when the time for docking comes, the report allows us to make a more accurate
cost summary to get a better deal with shipyards,” said the appointed Super User for Korea.

All docking projects in WSM Malaysia are already using the software since mid-2013 and WSM Korea from 2015.

DD training

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