Unitor Low Expansion Foam Fire Extinguishing System 

Effective protection of open space areas
Unitor Low expansion foam fire extinguishing system uses a range of  non-toxic protein or synthetic foams tested to MSC cir. 1312. the systems consist of a GRP storage tank (to avoid foam contamination), fixed monitors, a proportioner, portable applicators, pumps and control panels meeting the latest FSS rulings. The system provides safe and effective protection, and is harmless to the crew and environment.

Depending on vessel design needs, monitors, portable applicators and foam spray nozzles can be used individually or in conjunction to build an effective foam fire fighting system that will quickly and effectively extinguish a fire. Fixed  monitors are used to fight fire from a predetermined safe distance, while portable applicators cover shadow areas not reachable by the monitors. The monitors are adjustable and can be used in jet or fog mode.

As an extinguishing medium, foam is lighter than the combustion materials.It consequently forms a stable foam blanket sealing against oxygen and effectively extinguishing the fire while reducing radiated heat.

» More information on typical system application

Solution benefits
Flexible, high quality and compliant system with both installation and operational benefits:

  • A high quality & compliant fire extinguishing system
  • Easy operation
  • Modular skid based units provides easy installation and reduced footprint
  • Corrosion resistance component materials and coatings provide a robust, low maintenance system
  • For services purposes, foam concentrate replacements are delivered worldwide

» More information on system design and configuration

Safety of open areas

  • Effectively blankets fire and prevents further outbreak using non-toxic low expansion foam
  • Sturdy and compact foam monitors use jet or fog mode
  • A balanced pressure proportioner guarantees reliable foam mixing
  • Monitors are placed at safe distance
  • Reduces fire and heat damages
  • Protects the areas and safety of the personnel

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Low installation and operational cost

  • Designed for optimum system performance
  • Components delivered on modular units reduces installation cost
  • Minimal and easy maintenance keeps operational cost low
  • Both installation and operational costs kept low

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