Unitor High Pressure CO2 Fire Extinguishing System 

Cost effective solution for closed spaces
Unitor High Pressure CO2 Fire Extinguishing System (Unitor CO2 System) is a total flooding system using CO2 gas recovered from an industrial process, making it kinder to the environment. The system is proven to be a fast and effective solution on deep seated fires in cargo holds, and it has been supplied to hundreds of vessels worldwide over the past few years.

The system is designed as total flooding system for machinery spaces of Category A, engine rooms, pump rooms and cargo holds onboard vessels or on offshore installations which needs fire protection.

Local systems for paint lockers and galley ducting are available and smoke smapling system for cargo holds can be incorporated.

Unitor CO2 System has pressure operated cylinder top valves to quickly discharge the CO2 gas. This ensures almost instantaneous extinguishing of the fire to effectively protect the area. A manual release system is available and is designed to individually release the CO2 cylinders one by one, or by group in sequence depending upon the state of fires.

Unitor CO2 System is equipped with alarm devices which will pre-warn the crew to evacuate. Unitor CO2 System also has a safe release delay function to ensure the safety of the crew.

Unitor CO2 System is a cost effective solution that is effective and ensures the safety of people, equipment and cargo.

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Solution benefits                                                
High quality, compliant system with both installation and operational benefits:

  • Compliant solution
  • Easy to install
  • Space saving installation
  • Easy to operate
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Uses CO2 gas recovered from an industrial process, which is kinder to the environment
    For services purposes, refilling of the CO2 cylinders is available worldwide

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Ensures safety of crew, equipment and cargo

  • Options of manual and pressure operated release ensure the fast and effective solution for closed space fires
  • Sequential release design provides optimised protection to the enclosed space and reduces water capacity
  • Non-toxic, safe and secure for the crew

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A cost effective solution

  • Designed for optimum system performance, keeping both installation and operational costs low
  • System provided on rack modules to save installation time and cost
  • Quick discharge reduces potential cost of damages
  • Minimal and easy maintenance keeps operational costs low

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