Unitor High Expansion Foam Fire Extinguishing System

A cost effective and safe alternative to CO2
Unitor High Expansion Foam Fire Extinguishing System (Unitor HiFoam System) uses high expansion foam consisting of a synthetic foam concentrate water and air, which is highly effective for machinery space applications.


The system is designed as total flooding system for machinery spaces of Category A, cargo pump rooms and other spaces onboard vessels or on offshore instllations needing fire protection.


The system can be installed as total flooding for the entire main machinery room or for individual compartments within that space, pump rooms and other separate machinery spaces. Zoning provides an option for selective and sequential release, which gives optimised protection of your equipment and reduce water capacity needs.


The expansion ration of 1:666 using internal air eliminates the need for extensive air ducting and fans, unlike traditional systems which utilise external air to create the air/foam mix.


Unitor HiFoam System is a cost effective solution that is environmentally friendlier, non-toxic and harmless to people.


» More information on typical system application


Solution benefits 
High quality, compliant system with both installation and operational benefits:


Complaint solution
Easy to install
Space saving installation
Easy to operate
Requires minimal maintenance
No need for extensive air ducting and fans
For services purposes, replacement of the foam concentrate is available worldwide


» More information on system design and configuration


Increased safety for personnel and equipment

The quickest and most effective for machinery space fires with filling rate of 1.9 metre per minute

Quick foam discharge minimises fire and heat damage to equipment and structure
Sequential release design provides optimised protection to the enclosed space and reduces

   water capacity
Non-toxic, safe and secure for the crew


» More information on extinguishing fire using water high expansion foam


Savings on total cost
Designed for optimum system performance, keeping both installation and
operational costs low

Do not require an external foam generating room
No need for extensive air ducting and fans
Quick discharge reduces damages and water usage is low
Minimal and easy maintenance keeps operational costs low


» More information on complied rules and regulations


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