Your way forward for Marine Chemicals



Your challenges – operational, regulatory, technical – are unique; they demand tailor-made

solutions. With 150 years of experience, a trusted and innovative product range and a dynamic

global network, Wilhelmsen Ships Service will ensure you meet them. Working in partnership

with you, we respond swiftly and knowledgeably, anticipating challenges and identifying

opportunities to further improve efficiencies


    By applying our experience and competence to understand your current needs,

    anticipate tomorrow’s challenges and rethink future possibilities, we will provide

    enhanced service and support including:

    •  Customised chemical solutions recommended by specialists to meet any vessel needs
       Onboard specialist services to train crew and increase their proficiency in the handling
    •      of marine chemicals
       The expertise of a comprehensive global logistics network, fully synchronised to

    keep our customers moving safely and efficiently.


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Managing chemical performance
Increasing challenges in chemical management prompts a solution for measuring and

controlling chemical performance. These challenges include decreasing crew competence

levels, time constraints, HSE considerations in chemical handling and environmental

and other regulatory pressures.


  • In order to respond to these challenges, WSS has introduced the Active Solutions Chemicals
  • Portal which gives quick and easy access to software that includes test results in one
  • place for follow up, as well as overview, trends and information to help onboard crew and
  • shore-based teams make the right technical decisions.
    The Active Solutions Portal provides easy access and feedback on:                                                                      
  • Product information
    Application instructions
    Chemical test methods
    Technical water monitoring, trend graphs, results and documentation
    Training modules 

The benefits for our customers include:
All information for proper chemical management in one place
Easy access and feedback on results
Full transparency to improve safety, competence and control of assets