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Health, safety and environment 

Health, safety and environmental management issues are always on our agenda. Wilhelmsen

Ships Service continuously strives to offer the best solutions both for your crew and for the

protection of the environment. All our chemical products are made to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

standards, with rigorous environmental management systems in place throughout the

production and delivery process.


We focus on:

 the effectiveness of our products without compromising safety
lowering the environmental impact of our products by minimising waste and hazardous substances 
minimising hazards while maximising efficiency


In addition, we offer a full range of personnel protection equipment for safe handling of your

 marine chemicals. To ensure that chemicals are handled correctly and safely, Wilhelmsen

Ships Service Chemical Service engineers are always on call. Our Chemical Portal gives you

quick access to Material Safety Data Sheets are easily found together with the individual

 product labels.


This information is further accessible in more than 20 languages through the

product catalogue on our website, also providing handling instructions and other

relevant product information.







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