Spotless – Cargo Hold Cleaning Solution 

Wilhelmsen Ships Service has developed a cargo-hold cleaning solution that will give operators increased revenue by improving port turnaround times

Reduce your turnaround time in port

Today, cargo-hold cleaning has to be fast and efficient if a bulk carrier is to reach its next destination on time, with holds that are certified clean and ready for the next cargo. The cleaning equipment and the chemicals available have become increasingly specialised, to make the cleaning operation more efficient. Every hour’s delay in port means lost revenue, and at today’s prices, that can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.


The cleaning equipment and chemicals

We have designed purpose-built kits for different sized ships and cleaning conditions.  Now, with purpose made cleaning kits intended for different vessel sizes, customers have in shock-resistant container(s) everything they need to handle 60 different cargoes.  

The kits include all the equipment necessary to clean and prepare cargo hold surfaces, including extendable lances and a pressure tank. The idea was to develop an easily-acquired solution for cleaning cargo holds rapidly without the use of scaffolding or lifts.

All Unitor chemicals are produced at our own factory under stringent quality control according to ISO 9001/14001. Material Safety Datasheets and Product Datasheets are attached to every pail and drum. All our cleaning solutions can be handled from the tank top, doing away with the need for unsafe ladders and scaffolding. We also provide a complete range of personal safety equipment.



We provide a full range of safety equipment. Our personal protection equipment has been developed in order to deal with even the most hazardous cleaning operations.



The kits are simple to assemble, and contain clear instructions in several languages accompanied by helpful diagrams. They are packed in custom-made containers that are safe and easy to transport and store.


One point of contact

Very often, the most time-consuming part of the cleaning operation is not the cleaning itself: it is the time taken to organise and assemble all the necessary components -  chemicals, equipment, cleaning teams, discharge arrangements, etc. 

The way to improve efficiency and reduce turnaround time in port is to coordinate as many activities as possible. We strive to meet this need by arranging for the ships agency to ensure that the supply of chemicals and equipment coincides with the arrival of the vessel in port. When customers appoint us as ships agent, we will coordinate the delivery of chemicals and equipment to correspond with your arrival time in port. 


Ready for distribution

We have begun presenting the kits to operators, port service groups, ship yards and cargo owners, with great success and we have already stockpiled the kits in key ports to meet the future demands.


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