Wilhelmsen Ships Service offers Initial Supply packages for newbuildings 

Wilhelmsen Ships Service is promoting an initiative aimed at the high level of newbuilds completing in 2009.

Known as “Solutions for a Lifetime” the initiative focuses on the importance of recognising the continued requirements of newbuilds to be supplied with the highest quality of products and services from the earliest construction stages through the life of the ship until scrapping.  Wilhelmsen Ships Service supplies products and services to vessels with worldwide itineraries.

The initiative uses a unique Product Selector tool which enables newbuilding managers to compile an Initial Supply Package within the total Wilhelmsen Ships Service offer. It enhances the user to create a tailor made offer for each vessel type with all parts included, to fit the needs of the customer. Finding the right match of products with its accessories and consumables as well as compliance with rules and regulations is all taken care of.

"With the initiative 'Solutions for a lifetime' we will free up the customer from time-consuming planning” says Bernd Bauer, Business Director, Marine Products. “Our tailor-made package enables customers to realise operating efficiency from Day One.”

According to updated figures from Lloyd’s Register the number of completed newbuildings in 2009 is expected to be on a similar level to the 2008 figure. Wilhelmsen Ships Service is targeting the Initial Supply order for each vessel, and the company’s strong service skills will also ensure ongoing maintenance of after sales contracts.

The market potential is spread across all of Wilhelmsen Ships Service’s Business Streams, including ships agency services, Unitor products, technical services and maritime logistics.

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