Unitor Refrigeration handy tool case  

News from Wilhelmsen Ships Service: Unitor Refrigeration handy tool case


The Unitor Refrigeration Handy Tools case has been designed and put together with the convenience of shipboard engineers in mind. It contains both specialised refrigeration tools and some general hand tools that are necessary for day to day shipboard operation and maintenance of refrigeration systems and their associated control circuits.

The case is easy to carry around and is lockable for additional security. It provides your crew with a convenient way of having all the correct tools at hand, saving them frequent trips to the engine room tool store.

The Unitor Refrigeration Handy Tools case:

  • Provides engineers with the correct tool for each individual job
  • Prevents temptation to “make do” with any available tool that is neither appropriate nor designed for the task at hand
  • Provides convenience for the engineers as frequent tips to the engine rooms tool store can be avoided
  • Prevents potential damage to equipment concerned
  • Improves maintenance levels
  • Is robust and easy to carry
  • Is lockable for security
  • A complete list of enclosed tools with a brief description of the function of the more specialised equipment can be found here


Please contact your local Customer Services or Account Manager for ordering this complete set of Unitor Refrigeration Handy Tools, quoting part number 752154.