Lay-up management 

Wilhelmsen Ship Management is here to provide you with a complete ship lay-up solution. We have a worldwide network and are able to provide you safe and secure locations for lay- up and follow through all procedures.

Lay up management is essential for handling the wide range of technical and financial issues that arise when taking vessels out of service for a period of time. 

Successful lay-up management should be measured as a best possible combination of:

  • Complete evaluation of the lay-up site towards weather conditions, mooring arrangement and security
  • Assessment of the lay-up manager and the services it provides
  • Evaluation of the lay-up procedures whether in compliance with Class and Insurance guidelines
  • Complete assessment of applicable equipment maintenance and scope
  • Availability of dehumification options
  • Lay up declaration, preservation declaration, green lay up declaration - whether above certification possible?
  • Available of ship reactivation options when lay up period is over

What can you expect from Wilhelmsen Ship Management Lay up?

  • We provide a comprehensive lay-up in line with class and insurance guidelines (certified by DNV)
  • We provide various asset certifications from DNV which may result in reduced lay-up insurance premiums
  • As an established ship manager, we have a complete understanding of your requirements and are able to customize lay up solutions to the way you want it.


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What do you get?

  • A well documented, safe site, protected weather conditions and security
  • Comprehensive preservation procedures for engine room, accommodation, deck, hull, bridge and tanks
  • Availability of dehumification options
  • Comprehensive routine planned maintenance package
  • Monthly asset condition reports
  • Classification Society / Flag state / Insurance guidelines compliant
  • Asset certification from Class which may result in reduced insurance premiums

      - Lay up Declaration

      - Lay up Clean Declaration (Green) 

      - Preservation Declaration

  • 24/7 safety / security watchmen
  • Hull cleaning services by third party


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How can vessel lay-ups be utilised better?

  • Upgrade the vessel generally and equipment specifically, with special attention on new regulations - future proof your sales.
  • Arrange for an inventory of hazardous materials (IHM) - green passport which will soon be mandatory.


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