Inventory of Hazardous Materials / Green passport 

Wilhelmsen Ship Management rolls out its Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) or Green Passport services which is a requirement of the Ship Recycling Convention adopted in May 2009.

Once the ship recycling convention enters into force, any ships which are greater than 500 gt will be required to maintain an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM).  This inventory identifies, locates and lists out all hazardous and potentially hazardous material onboard a vessel.  Once the IHM has been reviewed by class, a Statement of Compliance (Green Passport) will be issued under the Hong Kong Convention.

More about IHM

The development of the IHM will be a significant task for shipowners for both existing and new building ships once the convention is ratified and enters into force.

In preparation for the expected rush, WSM has built an in-house expertise to develop the IHM for their managed fleet as well as for independent owners.  This is carried out by our group of trained experts (trained and certified by DNV), sailing onboard typically for 2-3 days where records, manuals are consulted in detail and samples collected.  After analysis results are received, the IHM is prepared and submitted to class for obtaining a Statement of Compliance or popularly known as the Green Passport.


Do my ships need IHM?

Yes, if you are "Green" shipowner.  The Ship Recycling Convention when ratified will apply to existing ships as well as newly constructed ships.


What if my ships are not going to be recycled?

Once the convention enters into force, Part 1 of the IHM which is hazardous materials contained in ship structure or equipment list has to be developed within 5 years in the case of vessels being built before the convention comes into force.

However, the Green shipowner has the option to obtain the IHM by an expert, for their existing ships, as early as now.


How about SOC?

SOC is a Statement of Compliance.  Once the IHM has been developed, it needs to be submitted to Class for obtaining a SOC which is also known as Green Passport.



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