Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

At Wilhelmsen Ship Management, we take our responsibility to our owners, customers, staff and the general public very seriously.  To ensure that we are always meeting our own high standards, we follow a clear strategy based upon certified quality management and environmental performance systems.

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Our objectives are to maintain and improve the quality of our services through the execution of safe, environmentally sound and economical ship operations. The same is facilitated by best-in-business quality assurance tools.

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All office and shipboard personnel are required to support and contribute to the effective implementation of our policies, which include:

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Reporting directly to our president, Wilhelmsen Ship Management’s global HSEQ manager is responsible for ensuring that the company’s HSEQ Management system is implemented and maintained at every level in the organisation.

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Wilhelmsen Ship Management’s Quality Management System is DNV certified. This includes environmental management, creating a combined health, safety, environmental and quality management system.

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Working environment

We appreciate that the quality of our services depends to a great extent on the performance of each individual employee.

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